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I've been a hair dresser for 33 years and am proud to say I love my hair business in Fort Collins, Colorado where I've been blessed to call home since 1983.


My career started in 1981 in Wellesley Hills, MA, where I worked under some of the best professionals from London, Italy and Boston. Despite this amazing job on the outskirts of America's Hometown, my heart yearned for more and led me to Colorado, where I made a living doing hair at people's homes, ran a side bakery business, managed two hair salons for 15 years, and raised a beautiful daughter.


At some point I wanted to grow my own business even more, and this part of my life began when a friend referred me to Headturner's Salon. I fell in love with the relaxed yet professional atmosphere that makes Headturner's one of a kind. This salon has been my second family for seven years, and I am excited to watch it grow even more as I welcome new clients to visit me.


I look forward to meeting you,

Deb Botello

Do you enjoy volunteering and being involved in the Northern Colorado community? I spend a lot of time volunteering at The Sister Mary Alice Muphy Center for Hope, and in the past have donated my services for benefits and fundraisers, including recent High Park Fire and Flood victim fundraisers. Here are some photos of me donating hair cuts to the local homeless community!

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